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Ministry Health Care Community Report
Community Report

Supporting Early Child Development

Supporting Early Child Development

Promoting the importance of breastfeeding is one of Ministry Health Care’s community health improvement priorities. Ministry Saint Clare’s works with coalitions like the Early Years coalition in Marathon County to promote the idea of encouraging mothers to do the best things for their children. It might include breastfeeding for up to two years, or allowing one’s child to come to full term at 40 weeks. Ministry Saint Clare’s Hospital is an excellent resource to help support mothers and their children in their first years of life.

One of the programs offered at the hospital is a mother and baby support group called “Mommy Café.” This is an opportunity for new moms to come to the hospital every Tuesday from 10:30 a.m. to noon. It doesn’t cost them anything, and they don’t have to pre-register. They simply show up and bring their babies. It’s a great time to get out of the house and talk about the joys and challenges of being home with a new baby.

“I’ve been involved in this group for over seven years now and friendships that I’ve seen blossom from this group has been amazing,” said Jennifer Statz, lactation consultant, Ministry Saint Clare’s Hospital. “It’s nice because it’s available to anybody in the community. We have a baby scale here so we can weigh the babies. That can be very reassuring for a mom who is breastfeeding, to be able to see the baby’s weight gain every week. It’s just one of the most delightful programs that we have. And again, we are very blessed that we have this opportunity to do this here at the hospital, for the hospital and for our community,” she added.

Published April 2015

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Backpacks Full of Blessings

Support from Ministry Saint Clare’s expands the Blessings in a Backpack program, which provides weekend nourishment to Wausau and DC Everest school children on the free- and reduced-meal program.

SANE Nurses Provide Vital Safety Net for Victims of Abuse

SANE Nurses Provide Vital Safety Net

No matter how small or large, rural or urban, no community is immune from sexual assaults or sexual abuse. One out of every six American women has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime - one of the most under-reported crimes. Nine of every 10 rape victims are female.

Westwood Clinic in Wausau

Ministry Health Care leaders and community members joined together in September to mark start of construction on our newest clinic in Wausau.

Students Complete Pastoral Education Program

CPE program blends classroom and hands-on experiences to train new chaplains.