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Ministry Health Care Community Report
Community Report

Taking Neurosurgery to a New Level

Taking Neurosurgery to a New Level

Ministry Saint Joseph’s Hospital is advancing into a new realm of radiosurgery with the installation of the Gamma Knife PERFEXION.

Skilled physicians and staff from the hospital’s radiation oncology department have been offering Gamma Knife radiosurgery since 2000 with more than 1,200 procedures performed to date.

The new PERFEXION machine, like the Gamma Knife, is available to patients for safe treatment of brain tumors and brain disorders. It takes minimally-invasive neurosurgery to a new level of sophistication and effectiveness, while maintaining full, clinical compatibility with previously successful procedures and protocols. It distributes a complex, finely mapped dose of radiation to target tissue more quickly and accurately than ever before. Nearby healthy tissue is left unharmed, and radiation exposure to other parts of the body is extremely low.

With its extended treatable reach, it offers access to unlimited cranial volume and expands anatomical reach to more areas of the head and neck. In addition, by optimizing the system’s robotic component, treatment times have been shortened dramatically, and there is improvement in the quality of life for many more patients with serious neurological conditions.

Even more amazingly, and like other Gamma Knife models, the PERFEXION’s unmatched combination of power and precision has resulted in positive clinical outcomes with few complications. The painless treatment is usually done on an outpatient basis and requires no general anesthesia. Most patients return home in just a few hours and resume normal activities the day after treatment.

Published October 2014

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