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Ministry Health Care Community Report
Community Report

Creating a “Model Community”

Creating a "Model Community"

"Model Community" represents the mutual commitment we have to our associates in their ability to flourish both personally and professionally and their personal commitment to Ministry Health Care/Ascension and to one another, all in service to our mission.

This relates directly to us becoming a "High Reliability Organization," which refers to a focus on healing without harm, improving patient safety by consistently paying attention even when facing unexpected situations. In non-clinical work areas, it refers to work safety, quality and efficiency using High Reliability principles.

Examples of these principles include preoccupation with failure (watching for even small errors); deference to expertise (pushing decisions to the "right" person, regardless of job level or title); and ability to be resilient when facing challenging situations. Safety huddles and rounding to influence support these principles.

Ministry Health Care, along with its parent, Ascension Health, participates annually in a "Model Community Survey." Last year, the survey consisted of 67 questions, and Ministry’s overall survey results were favorable and indicated that we have much to celebrate, as well as several opportunities for improvement. More than 8,600 associates responded to the survey, and our response rate of 71 percent was one of the highest among all Ascension ministries across the country.

Throughout Ascension Health, our Vision calls us to deliver Healthcare That Works, Healthcare That Is Safe and Healthcare That Leaves No One Behind, For Life. Creating and sustaining a "Model Community of Inspired People" who share a commitment to our Mission is one of the strengths that will enable us to realize this Vision.

Published October 2014

Building a Culture of High Reliability

Mark Kehrberg, MD, chief medical officer of Ministry Health Care and Affinity Health System, received the 2014 Healthcare Administrator Award, presented by the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC).

The award is given annually to a member of a healthcare facility’s executive team who has made infection prevention and control a top priority throughout the facility.

APIC noted that Kehrberg established an organizational culture that enables and supports infection prevention efforts. He has supported and encouraged the use of best practices, including policies for central line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSI), surgical site infections and vaccination compliance.

Under his leadership, Ministry Health Care raised its associates’ influenza vaccination compliance rates from 70 percent in the 2011-12 influenza season to 89 percent in the 2012-13 season, and 94 percent in the 2013-2014 season.

Additionally, through his active involvement in the central line team and unwavering support of best prevention practices, Affinity’s St. Elizabeth Hospital intensive care unit has not experienced a CLABSI in 15 months. Dr. Kehrberg has supported the investment in the purchase, deployment and implementation of surveillance software that has helped to transition the hospital’s policy of infection control to that of infection prevention.

Dr. Kehrberg is just one of many Ministry leaders who is working to build a culture of High Reliability. Later this year, Ministry will launch phase one of a comprehensive training program designed to continue on the path toward building a culture of high reliability. Over the next six months, Ministry will train approximately 8,000 hospital-based associates, key physicians and other associates based in hospitals in a multi-phase effort to build a culture of High Reliability. The training program will enable them to provide better and safer care for all of our patients.

High Reliability is a core component of Ascension Model Community and is closely linked to our mission and values and continuing the healing ministry of Jesus.

Published October 2014

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A Smart Business Decision for Worzalla

Leaders at Worzalla believe their employees are their true competitive advantage. So, when Ministry Employer Solutions offered them a plan to help keep their workforce healthy and improve their bottom line, it was an easy business decision.

Living the Vision

Ministry’s "Living The Vision" recognition program was designed to recognize associates, providers, teams or departments who have gone “above and beyond” in their delivery of our mission and values, as well as our vision.

Hospitalist Program Earns National Recognition

Ministry Eagle River Memorial Hospital’s program is one of four featured during a panel on healthcare innovation by Catholic Health Association.

Ministry Critical Access Hospitals Named to Becker’s Top-50 List

Two Ministry hospitals receive national recognition for going “above and beyond” to care for their patients.

Supporting Early Child Development

Ministry Saint Clare’s Hospital is spreading the word about its lactation and breastfeeding program, which is one of the premier ways to support early childhood development.